My experience at High Tide Dermatology Center in every way was pleasant and rewarding. My appointments were on time. The Laser Technician, Paula Campbell, was always cheerful as well as being extremely conscientious about her work. Thus there is no telltale mark to be found on my face – a 100% perfect job. When I commended her, she responded, ‘It’s not just me, it’s all of us. We work as a team.’

I recommend this Team to all of you.


Jackie Ohlers

My father (90 years old) has been treated at Dr. Debra Bailey’s office, High Tide Dermatology, for at least five (3) years.  Dr. Bailey and her staff have been nothing less than outstanding.

 My father and I are not only appreciative of Dr. Bailey’s efforts, but also want to express our appreciation to her staff, and in particular Paula Campbell.  Paula is not only well trained, she is attentive, punctual, and compassionate in her care of my father.  She is an outstanding health care professional.


Jones, Mark

I am so pleased to recommend Dr. Debra Bailey as a dermatologist. I am a Registered Nurse and find her to be extremely professional and proficient. She is a doctor who cares deeply about her patients and their conditions. When I first became her patient she gave the most complete body scan I have ever received, and I have the utmost confidence in her medical knowledge and ability. Dr.Bailey has been a physician for over 30 years and is very experienced and well thought of in her field. She always takes the time to listen to you and any problems you may have.

Mary Beth Airsman

Thankyou for removing the problem from my face and for the unbelieveable dedicated work in closing the wound. I was frightened but you helped put me at ease. You appear to be the best dermatologist on the planet.

Jim Wilson

Dr. Bailey is clearly the best in detecting and treating skin cancers across the globe. Patients come thousands of miles to see her and to be treated.
In our personal experience, my wife was examined by another experienced dermatologist who failed to recognize and treat a serious skin cancer. We went to Dr. Bailey for a second opinion. She immediately diagnosed and removed a skin cancer which was subsequently confirmed by a lab test. Since that initial visit I have seen many times that Dr. Bailey has an eagle eye for spotting the early stages of skin cancers on myself and my wife in a way that is far superior to anyone else.
Nobody does it better!

John W.

I have just become aware that Dr. Debra Bailey will be venturing out as an independent physician with her own Dermatology Practice in North Naples, Florida beginning May, 2016.

As a patient with critical medical concerns I feel strongly about Dr. Bailey’s outstanding level of competence and top quality of medical professionalism. I am confident she will continue to offer this same noteworthy medical service to the North Naples community. The professional experience and medical decision making between Dr. Bailey and her patients has proven to be a trusted relationship which is uncommon today. Months of working together have proven her to be a physician whose medical experience and professional commitment are dedicated to the “Whole Person”. Because of her unique loyalty to the medical profession she has acquired the humanistic quality of being able to look at the whole person and take into account the full spectrum of personal issues. Most importantly are her medical skills which not only detect the early and preventable issues but address the acute care needs in a timely and individualized manner.

Dr. Bailey lives by her medical oath and practices medicine by taking everything into account to create the best medical program for her patients.

Any prospective patient who may be considering Dr. Bailey as his/her dermatologist please accept our critical endorsement that you will respect, value and trust Dr. Debra Bailey— she is one that is few and far between…..the others.

Laverne Davy